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Pros-Aide Adhesive application

Pros-Aide® adhesives are easily applied for any of your desired special effects make-up needs. It is removed with Pros-Aide® Remover and is completely safe. Pros-Aide® is water-based yet completely waterproof! It’s non-irritating and specially formulated for sensitive skin.

It’s no wonder that Pros-Aide® has been the “industry standard” for use in film, stage and TV special effects make-up for over 30 years.

Above:  Artist Robert Hall applying Pros-Aide to Summer Glau (Cameron Phillips, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles)

The alien body suit utilized Pros-Aide 2 for pax paint for nearly the entire paint job, and the whole interior along with the actor's body was brushed with Pros-Aide 1 to successfully survive two 12 hour shooting days in the intense outdoor August heat.   

Other facial prosthetics used Pros-Aide on gelatin pieces, also to survive full shooting days. 

-Jeremy Selenfriend,

Pros-Aide, a division of ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc.